I need to keep going, seeking truth. Every layer of lies peeled away gets us all closer to a deeper spirituality – a place where music can elevate. Here are truths – the best I can relate them – that ought to help define & sculpt a picture of the Bugs Unplugged band in your mind:


We've all read those brief musician biographies relating a childhood raised in a house full of music – parents playing instruments, encouraging the journey. Mine wasn't like that. The only musical family members were a distant uncle I never met that I was told worked w/ Neil Diamond in some capacity (arranger?) and a rarely visited cousin-in-law who strummed a guitar. My pursuit was solitary, unique in my close family. It was never actively discouraged, but after having been given a bass guitar – not enthusiastically supported, either. This is likely my own fault. I would not be deterred, though. Somewhere along the way, it bit me hard. I was enraptured w/ the power of the melody laid down over a percussive landscape & yearned to have it fill me – make me a vessel for the spiritual. I write this the day of the news that Chris Squire has passed. I just watched the Your Move / I've Seen All Good People Yes medley that had such a huge impact on me back then – setting my feet on the path that brought me here. Many physical moves, jobs, shifts & entanglements later, I find myself still so deeply in love w/ the sound of an acoustic guitar & hungry for the harmony of great fellow players... I've been blessed in my musical associations – but I can honestly say that I may have hooked up w/ the finest players so far in Paul Marshall & Pete Walters. At some point – their stories will be posted here as well and this one is to be continued (hopefully w/ a greater permanence than my pretty cool (IMHO)) MySpace blog!) MORE to come.

The Band