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Doug, Tim C w/ Jeff and Al adding percussion 1/23/2021

The Bugs Unplugged band is currently a loose conglomeration of musicians working with Singer / bassist / guitarist Doug Sedgwick. If you're here to learn about hiring Doug Sedgwick and or the Bugs Unplugged Band for entertainment – you should know we have a constantly growing repertoire of songs numbering in three digits. Doug sings with passion and wants listeners to enjoy themselves. Though he has won two songwriting awards for his own music, Doug knows people at Bugs Unplugged Band shows want to hear the tunes they are already familiar with and this band delivers. Click the songs link to get an idea. You can book Doug in solo format – but get the band – it's worth it. Doug can put together a four-piece electric version of Bugs Unplugged for your listening pleasure, if requested. If you hire Bugs Unplugged – you WILL be entertained. Click the YouTube link below to see Bugs Unplugged (and Doug Sedgwick) music videos. Click the FaceBook icon to Like what you hear or to submit an inquiry about booking. If you want to book Bugs Unplugged and DON'T want to access Book of Face - send an email to bugs_unplugged (at symbol) yahoo.com with the details. A calendar of shows past and scheduled is below. Thanks for stopping by.